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Arusha Gallery, Edingburgh, 2022

"The artists in Chorus take their cue from rhythm, harmony, music, or sound – and their art responds to the varied reactions we might have to them. There are depictions of collective euphoria as well as the moment this tips into something more disquieting. . . Chorus speaks to an atavistic response to the strain and resolutions, beats and vibrations of sound:.-  Figgy Guyver,  excerpt from exhibition text. 

For this group exhibition I made a series of sculptures drawing upon the form and symbolism of the Sistrum - a symbolic, sacred instrument originating in ancient Egypt. 

"The Sistrum makes it clear that all things in existence need to be shaken, or rattled about, and never to cease from motion but, as it were, to be waked up and agitated when they grow drowsy and torpid" - Plutarch, Moralia, Book 5 "On Isis & Osiris" 

Image credits:  ZAC & ZAC and Chris Grady 

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