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December 2021

by Catherine Rogers


This month we read and discussed a book written by one of our Book Club members Catherine Rogers

Element is a collection of short stories inspired by Haarlem Artspace artists, written by Catherine Rogers.

Haarlem Artspace is not just a building, it is a community of fascinating individuals who change year on year. These stories are an attempt to capture an essence of their stories and the story the space holds. The wonderful artists whose work is featured, are people who have shared fragments of their own stories, inspirations, motivations that make them who they are. The weavings that have come from this sharing are an attempts at an abstract form of storytelling. With one exception the story that is the element of air, which is from the artist Chantal Powell and is her own creation. 

Catherine Rogers is a co-director of Haarlem Artspace. She ran her own creative business for several years before working in arts development and local government. At Haarlem Artspace she is researching the practice of storytelling as a method of curating  as well as writing short stories. Some of these have made their way into collections, including the award winning 'Overheard: Stories to read aloud'  edited by Jonathan Taylor for Salt Publishing. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society for Arts, Manufactures and Commerce.

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