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The Lightbox Museum,  Woking, 2021

A creative collaboration curated by Chantal Powell and Dean Melbourne using works from The Ingram Collection of British Modern Art alongside their own works that were created over a three year research project exploring the archetypal motif of The Night Sea Journey in relation to personal trauma. Key works were selected from The Ingram Collection, such as Graham Sutherland’s “The Mine, Various Aspects”, that speak to the necessary decent into the depths of the unconscious before renewal and re-creation. The exhibition highlights the way that artists work with these motifs and symbols to connect the viewers with their own inner worlds and the navigation of their respective Night Sea Journeys. It reunites symbols and imagery which help viewers navigate the chaotic and disorientating experience of the Night Sea Journey – a journey that is necessary to achieve transformation. 

Image credits:  Chantal Powell

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