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Exposed Arts Project Space, London

Preconscious Landscape is a group exhibition presented by Ainalaiyn Space and curated by Indira Dyussebayeva-Ziyabek. 
Preconscious Landscape investigates Sigmund Freud’s topographical study of the mind and self. The project encompasses sculpture, drawing, painting, photography and installation and features contemporary artworks that grapple with the dilemma of studying the most unknowable and intangible parts of the human mind. As Freud explains, the preconscious “is not yet conscious, but it is certainly capable of entering consciousness”. This psychic structure holds potential. There may be glimmers of its contents, perhaps a sensation of something being ‘on the tip of one’s tongue’, but they must be coaxed out with prompts and provocations in order to resurface" - (Excerpt from exhibition text)

Image credits:  Chantal Powell, Thierry Bal, Chris Grady

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