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The Red Book Club is a free online bookclub  and speaker program with a focus on the unconscious. Books include those on Jungian depth psychology, mythology, alchemy, art and the imagination. After reading each book there is opportunity to meet for a group online zoom discussion. As part of the program guest authors, academics and artists are invited to speak about a particular book or subject.


Guest speakers to date have included Jennifer Higgie (author of The Other Side), Amy Hale (author of Ithell Colquhoun - Genius of the Fern Loved Gulley), Stephen Ellcock (author of UnderWorlds and the Cosmic Dance), Gary Bobroff (Jungian speaker, author and founder of Jungian Online), Patrick Harpur (author of books including Daimonic Reality: A Field Guide to the Otherworld), New York sculptor, painter and art critic Ann McCoyand Danny Scopelliti (scholar and founder of Curio Esoterica). 

The book club is open to anyone interested in the subject areas - no obligation to read every month, just join in when a book or speaker grabs your interest. If you would like to join click the link below.

If you enjoy a session and would like to support the running costs of The Red Book club with a small £2 donation you can do so via the Buy Me A Coffee link below which would be much appreciated! When we have a guest speaker all donations from that book cycle will go directly to them to thank them for their generosity


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By Daisy Lafarge

The pathogen arrives anyway and takes a seat at the table. Conditioned to welcome damage, I am curious about this uninvited guest. You must sit down, says Love, and taste my meat.’

In Lovebug, Daisy Lafarge explores metaphors of love and disease as she seeks to understand human vulnerability and our intimacy with microbial life.

Turning to microbiology, mysticism, and psychoanalysis – as well as the raw materials of love and life – Lafarge navigates the uncomfortable intimacy between the human body and the many bacteria, viruses, and parasites to which it is host.

Lovebug is a book about the poetics of infection, and about how we can learn to live with multispecies ambivalence. How might we forge non-phobic relationships to our ‘little beasts’? How might we rewild our imaginations? In weaving the personal with the pathological, Lovebug complicates the idea of coherent selfhood, revealing life as a site of radical vulnerability and an ongoing negotiation with limit.

Zoom meeting date

Thursday 25th July 

8pm UK time 



Click on the images below for more details

Trickster Makes This World
Sex Magic
The Thought Of The Heart - James Hillman
Thought Forms
The Sacred and the Profane
Black Mirror 1 - Embodiment
The Other Side
Homeric Hymns
The Chemical Wedding
Hermann Hesse
The Philosophers' Secret Fire
Dream  Marie Louise Von Franz
Alchemical Manuscripts with Danny Scopelliti
Foxfire, Wolfskin - Sharon Blackie
Carl Jung - Knowledge in a Nutshell
Ann McCoy
Alchemical Imagination
Ithell Colquhoun
Christmas meet
Down Below
Egyptian Mythology
Fairy Tales - Marie LVF
Man and His Symbols
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