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The Thought Of The Heart and The Soul of The World
James Hillman

"Two groundbreaking essays, The Thought of the Heart and Anima Mundi: TheReturn of the Soul to the World, by James Hillman that launched Archetypal Psychology and began the renaissance of a psychology that returns psychic reality to the world. Following Marsilio Ficino, who was the first to place the soul in the center of his vision, Hillman argues for a psychology that reflects theworld it works in."

James Hillman was a charismatic therapist and author whose theories about the psyche helped revive interest in the ideas of Carl Jung,

Part scholar, part mystic, Hillman became the director of studies at the C. G. Jung Institute in Zurich in 1959. Hillman followed his mentor’s lead in taking aim at the assumptions behind standard psychotherapies, including Freudian analysis, arguing that the best clues for understanding the human mind lay in myth and imagination, not in standard psychological or medical concepts.

"What is needed is a revisioning, a fundamental shift of perspective out of that soulless predicament we call modern consciousness.” - Hillman

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