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Black Mirror 1 - Embodiment
from Fulgar Press

Black Mirror is a peer-reviewed series from Fulgar Press that seeks to examine ways in which the occult and the esoteric have been at the heart of art practice now and throughout the modernist period. It is produced by a group of artists and researchers and much of the work examined will be practice-led. Hence this volume includes both essays on contemporary and modernist work, and new works by artists.

"Black Mirror 1 – embodiment" is the second installation within the Black Mirror series of publications. In this volume we explore the philosophy and practice of embodiment. Throughout the twentieth century both occult practitioners and artists explored the effects of the patriarchal monotheistic heritage that divorced the mind from the body, privileging the intellect as spiritual and negating and subjugating the corporeal. The conjunction of heterodox spiritualities, feminism and green philosophies in the 1980s gave rise to art and thinking that sought to heal the split between mind and body, to find new respect for the body and the physical world, and to explore the spiritual through the corporeal. Mindful of these early pioneers, in this volume we seek to broaden ideas surrounding magic, art and embodiment.

Zoom meeting date - Wednesday 28th June 2023 at 8pm UK time 

Black Mirror 1 - Embodiment
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