An Introduction To Alchemical Psychology With Thom R. Cavalli Ph.D 
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Zoom - Sundays beginning October 9th 2022

6-8pm UK/ 10 am - 12 pm Pacific / 1-3 pm Eastern
6 weeks

£177/ $197 

In this course, we use the term Alchemy in its original meaning, as a way of quickening and catalyzing our individual growth in all aspects of mind, body, and spirit. The concepts presented grew out of the work of C. G. Jung and provide us with an extraordinary framework to help us navigate the challenging and unprecedented dynamics of modern life. 

We’ll do a deep dive into ancient Egyptian as well as modern forms of alchemy, tracing the development of personal and collective consciousness from magic to contemporary science. By harnessing the power of alchemy, we create extraordinary, personalized maps and tools to facilitate our unique individuation journey.  The history of our future self is about rebuilding an enchanted world that returns the animating soul into our busy lives.

This course is design for people who are just delving into psychological alchemy, or who have some knowledge of Jungian psychology and want to deepen their understanding of alchemy and the individuation process.



A six week, working seminar course for creatives led by award-winning New York artist, editor and art critic Ann McCoy. The course will utilise various techniques for accessing the unconscious through drawing, different art mediums, journals, meditations, and readings.


The Idea for this course came from artist seminars led by Joseph Beuys (who Ann knew in the 70's), where the participants discussed new ways of thinking about art, while making  studio work. For Beuys the sacramental was in everything and an integral part of the artistic process.  This seminar course will explore exercises used by Surrealists like Lenora Carrington and Max Ernst, techniques used by members of the spiritual branch of Russian Cosmism, as well as Jungian Active Imagination.

An example of Ithell Colquhoun’s work using the decalcomania technique. Photograph- Oli Co

Ithell Colquhoun’s work using the decalcomania technique.

Photograph- Oli Cowling/© Tate