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Curated by Stephanie Ruth. Parlour, London.

A group show of seven contemporary female artists that celebrates and explores interpretations of metamorphosis, ritual and ancient wisdom. The exhibition looks at artists weaving stories from mythology, psychology, tarot, witchcraft and fairy tales through their work.

A common phrase in French [entre chien et loup] to describe twilight —in English, the magic or witching hour, ‘between dogand wolf’ may be considered a liminal passage of time and space. Metaphorically, a crossover from the domesticated to the wild, this moment in time offers opportunity for transformation and re-connection to one’s animal self. While the dog has been tamed over millennia to adapt to our world, the wolf suggests an ancient wisdom, a primordial energy relating to the process of re-creation.  

Image credits:  Marco Civale, Demelz Lightfoot, and Chris Grady

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