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MARCH 2021

Guest speaker - Ann McCoy

Ann McCoy is a New York-based sculptor, painter, and art critic, and Editor at Large for the Brooklyn Rail. She is an artist with a fifty year career, and known for her large scale drawings of the dream world. She has been working in the area of Alchemy and Jungian psychology for 40 years. 


In continuation of our last book "Jung and the Alchemical Imagination" (Jeffrey Raff) - Ann shared about her new jungian online course for artists and about her use of the alchemical imagination in her own practice:  
"Many artists feel possessed by energies coming from the unconscious, in ways that are mysterious to themselves: dancers and actors have spoken of being taken over by psychic forces as though possessed; for painters and sculptors psyche comes through a physical hands-on process–an alchemy of transforming materials."


Ann's  work is found in many museum collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Los Angeles County Museum and many others and was featured in the Venice Biennale 1985 Art and Alchemy curated by Arturo Schwarz.  She was awarded a 2019 John Simon Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship in art. She lectured on art history, the history of projection, and mythology in the graduate design section of the Yale School of Drama until May 2020, and taught in the Art History Department at Barnard College from 1980 through 2000. 

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